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Anatomy of Melancholy All Hallows Eve The Clearing Ray of Light Church Mouse Hand in Both Worlds Holes in the Wall Ship of Fools American Dream Through the Glass Darkly White Seep lace Sheep Calling the Mules Mom and Her Gun Uncle Val Desert Storm Sound of the Forest Imagining Heaven Staten Island Off the Grid Mom in the Stars Forgotten Realtives Far Away Childhood Nana Priscilla of the Palms Calling the Birds Head in the Clouds Shadowland Hitched Open Windows Cross Country Bird Motel Remembering History Waiting for the Moon Window for Lee Miller Private Haven Vicky of the Salton Sea Texaco Marine Swimming in the Salton Sea Great Grandpa's Shadow Ladder to the Sky Crossing Over Going Everywhere Discarded Shoes Rosa's Horse The Space Between Runaway Bride End of the Line Vicky's Sky