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Lisa Folino's fine art photography is an exploration into the world of dreams and alchemy. A majority of her work is created solely using Polaroid materials, which are now no longer being manufactured. Her twenty five plus years of working with Polaroid materials involves experimentation; altering and pushing the structure of the negative and positive. The one common thread which connects all of her work is her fascination and observation of time and existence. Time is an integral component in the process of creating her art.  She achieves this through the transformation of one reality into another.  Whether photographing a person, object or landscape, themes that are present in her work include: dreams, mythology, memories, life, death, and loss.

She is a prolific and visionary artist with many strong bodies of work. For many years, her subject matter has been the figure, and also the still life. In her work, she photographs the figure much like a still life, inviting the viewer to experience other dream - like worlds. Her use of the object in her still lives on the other hand, projects human - like qualities. When viewing her images, the experience is a delightful and magical journey to another place in time.

Lisa Folino was born and raised in Southern California. Her interest in photography began at an early age under the guidence of her father: Sal Folino, a pioneering cameraman in television, and seven time Emmy Award winner. Both music and photography have been a major part of Lisa's life. She studied music performance and arrangement at the Berklee School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. She credits her expansive knowledge of photography and art from both of her parents who nurtured her art and were unique and talented artists in their own right.

Lisa was one of sixty artists chosen from around the world to be part of Ocean Geographic's Expedition: Elysium, Artists for the Arctic to document climate change in the Arctic. This was a life changing experience and Lisa has since formed a Non-profit, Oceans in Focus. Her mission is to use the power of photography, film, and music to affect positive change for our planet. Oceans in Focus is implementing ocean education programs for children around the world. https://www.oceansinfocus.org